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Futurallia Tunisia 2018

FUTURALLIA is both the name of the forum (organized annually or bi-annually) and the name of the association organizing the event.

The Futurallia Forums

The first Futurallia event was held in 1990 at Futuroscope, Poitiers, at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of La Vienne. Over the years, the FUTURALLIA event has been successfully organized in many countries: France, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Qatar, USA, Turkey, Romania.
This international and multi-sector business forum is aimed mainly at SME directors looking to develop foreign partnerships and markets.

The Futurallia association

Using bespoke web systems and matchmaking software, FUTURALLIA’s core business is the organization of forums with pre-arranged, one-to-one meetings. Initially focused on the organization of the Futurallia forums, the association has gradually diversified its activity, providing its expertise in match making for local or international events.
The board of directors reflects the international purpose of our association. The members of the board are all representatives of either national or international economic development agencies.
Futurallia unites its international partners who are either regular partners of our events or organizers of the forum abroad..