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Tunis is the most populated city and the capital of Tunisia. It is also the chief town of the governorate of the same name since its creation in 1956. Located in the north of the country, at the bottom of the gulf of Tunis from which it is separated by the lake of Tunis, the city extends on the coastal plain and the surrounding hills. Its historic heart is the Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Modest village placed in the shadows of Carthage, Kairouan and Mahdia, it is finally designated as capital on September 20, 1159 (5 Ramadan 554 of the Muslim calendar), under the impetus of the Almohads, then confirmed in its status under the Hafsid dynasty in 1228 and independence of the country on March 20, 1956.

Tunis is the economic and commercial capital of Tunisia. The density of its road and motorway network and its airport structure make it a focal point for national transport. This situation is the result of a long evolution, in particular of the centralizing conceptions which give a considerable role to the capital and tend to concentrate the institutions to the extreme.

  • Population: 638,845 inhabitants
  • Altitude: 40 m
  • Area: 21,263 ha = 212.63 km2